Transfer Pricing & Controlling


We offer consulting services for all questions in regards to transfer pricing. Applying the arm’s length principle in a pragmatic and creative way is what characterizes our services. Compliance with the arm’s length principle will be ensured by aligning your business processes with your transfer pricing system.

Economic analyses (Benchmarking, Licenses, Loans)

TP&C supports companies in the analysis of all intra-group transactions, as well as the corresponding business models and value chains. We offer quantitative analysis for arm’s length profit margins. Depending on the case at hand, we will conduct a benchmark based on external databases or utilization of internal comparables. We also support clients with determing arm's length prices for licenses, franchising and other intangibles as well as financial transactions (loans or cash pooling)

Consultor for advisory firms (sub-contracting)

TP&C supports smaller and mid-level tax advisory and audit firms in rendering high quality transfer pricing services to their clients. As highly specialized consultants, we are the ideal partner for smaller advisory firms. We do not offer tax advisory and thus are a "natural fit" for cooperating with tax advisory firms looking to protect and enhance their client relationship. In conducting joint projects we emphasize teamplay and guarantee a proactive communication.

Preparation and quality assurance of transfer pricing documentation

Identification and implementation of customized documentation strategies. Optimizing documentation processes and rendering support services in compiling master- and local files. Supporting updates and modifications to economic analyses and documentations regards to the post-BEPS regulatory environment on the international level (OECD and EU) as well as on the national level (Germany).

Advice on special circumstances and exceptional business Conception

We support companies in special circumstances such as Business restructuring (transfer of functions), valuation of intangibles (DEMPE Analysis), cost allocations as well as Pool Agreements and Permanent Establishments.

Optimization of transfer pricing systems

Gaining a sound understanding of your business model is the starting point for our consulting services. We do not trade in one-size-fits-all type of solutions, but rather strive to support you in performing targeted improvements to your existing system. Minimizing tax related risks must not infringe with your business processes. A sustainable transfer pricing system needs to harmonize processes between tax, controlling and accounting.

Excel applications (TP Tools) and workshops

Complementary to our consulting services, we want to support you with offering user-friendly excel tools as well as tailormade workshops.