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From time to time, we like to sit back, take a breath and think about what happend in the course of the last months. It is also an opportunity to thank our business partners (and team members) and recap some events and workshops. Yes, sometime we also dare to look ahead a little. Since starting TP&C, I have managed to write about the main developments on a (almost) bi-annual basis. The earlier blog posts (in German) are available on our German homepage. Going forward I vow to also blog in English from time to time (also I think it is time our team contributes on these posts as well). A translation of the last blog from Summer 2022 will kickoff the english blog... Happy reading 


Summer break 2022 - Our team is growing

Alright, it’s August again - so half of 2022 is already over. But since it’s still summer vacations and I’ve just got the Baltic Sea on my doorstep, it feels a bit like half-time.

Q1 and Q2 were  positive. First and foremost is the expansion of our small team. As announced, we looked around for reinforcements and found what we were looking for. I have heard from many colleagues in the industry that the search for new talent is difficult, so I am happy to be well positioned. And sometimes chance also helps. But first things first;

We have found our first reinforcement with Dennis, who will strengthen us permanently as a consultant. In addition to the technical “onboarding”, Dennis focuses intensively on the process coordination for our digital TP platform, which we acquired this year for the first time from our cooperation partner Coperitas / Quantera. Our approach to the digitalization of transfer pricing documentation is to remain emphatically pragmatic - in other words, we are not looking for the latest technical gimmicks, but for the most intuitive and time-saving work aid possible. To get this service on the road, the “basics” must first be mastered as efficiently as possible. Dennis is doing important groundwork for us and in Q3/Q4 we will approach selected regular customers with our offer - especially those companies where it is important to create several local files every year as consistently and efficiently as possible and also to optimize the company-internal communication and coordination.

Our second reinforcement, Emma, comes from the USA and will support us as a working student until (at least) December. As her first major task, Emma has familiarized herself with the DEMPE concept regulations. Building on these basics, we will extend our existing Excel tools with a DIY application for DEMPE in a timely manner. This is not a trivial task, but it has become clear that for many companies there is no getting around a DEMPE analysis. Here, the focus should (and must) not necessarily be on quantitative aspects, but rather on supporting our clients in answering the fundamental questions regarding their IP in a structured and reliable manner.

Last but not least, Luis, a working student with a strong affinity to marketing, joins us. Currently Luis is studying in Frankfurt/Oder and his internship with us is also accompanied by his home university from Cali/Colombia. In the short term, we hope to upgrade (professionalize) our presentations - and possibly our homepage presence (finally) - with Luis’ design skills. The new team presentation - we need anyway given the additions - will be uploaded to the homepage soon. Also, Luis has already experimented a bit with the “company colors” and our “logo” - I like the results, but I still have to jump over my shadow (have I grown fond of my logo after all). Besides marketing, Luis is intensively working on TP basics and, like Emma, should like to stay connected to TP in the long run.

In addition to the reinforcements, we also have to report a departure in the form of Nastja. Since April, Nastja had completed an internship at PwC in the area of Real Estate and subsequently decided to focus entirely on Real Estate in the future. We all enjoyed working with Nastja and wish her much success at PwC.

Tom and Lisa, continue to be hardworking and successful for us on the ball and impress with their balance between work at TP&C and their studies. Tom has now earned promotion to Senior Consultant due to his consistently strong performance. He is taking on increasing responsibility within our projects and has shown a keen sense of pragmatic application of the arm’s length principle. I look forward to accompanying his further development and am excited about the next steps. Thank you for your efforts Tom!

Lisa had been “thinking outside the transfer pricing box” for the last few months with our friends at the Prometheus Institute and the Tax Foundation, working on the “International Tax Competitiveness Index” among other things. Now we are very happy to have you back in our ranks and look forward to / to continuing our cooperation.

So, taken together, we are well positioned and looking forward to the Q3 and Q4 projects. And then we can soon start planning the Christmas party…

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