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From time to time, we like to sit back, take a breath and think about what happend in the course of the last months. It is also an opportunity to thank our business partners (and team members) and recap some events and workshops. Yes, sometime we also dare to look ahead a little. Since starting TP&C, I have managed to write about the main developments on a (almost) bi-annual basis. The earlier blog posts (in German) are available on our German homepage. Going forward I vow to also blog in English from time to time (also I think it is time our team contributes on these posts as well). A translation of the last blog from Summer 2022 will kickoff the english blog... Happy reading 


2023 Good Start, Good Outlook, Changing Times

…I know, not having published a blog post in 2023 until May 8th is a bit embarrassing (after having vowed to blog). On the other hand, I can point to my TNI article on the “Medtronic Case” as well as the “Transfer Pricing Survival Guide”. Both publications were great fun and provide at least a little proof of me not having been completely complacent (+ it is something to read for transfer pricing enthusiasts…).
Seriously, the first months of 2023 have kept the Team and me quite busy. We had some intriguing tax audit cases that kept us on alert (the outcome is not yet clear). Also, we performed comprehensive  benchmarks. For TP&C benchmarking is teamwork, and we enjoyed some good discussions in compiling the final sets. Benchmarking remains an important aspect of transfer pricing work, and I never get tired of it. Discussing comparability of individual companies to the tested parties (or license agreements) is always rewarding, as the discussions ensure a balanced perspective and valuable “sparing” for robust results.

Q2 and Q3 promise to be exciting too. At the end of May we will have a kick-off meeting for a TP project in Hamburg (my hometown) on the clients premises – always a treat, and good to see the products “in real life”.

Also, we have some workshops lined up; on Thursday, 11th of May, I will participate in a Webinar hosted by our Quantera Global alliance partners – in the context of celebrating the 10th anniversary of Quantera. It should be fun, as Klaus Dorner will also participate, and we can recap the main developments of the TP landscape in Germany during the past 10+ years.

On June 20th I am invited by Prof Desens to give a guest lecture at the University of Leipzig. It is a repeat performance, and I look forward to talk to the students about how cool Transfer Pricing really is (yes, I will also try to recruit a new working student on that occasion…reason: see below).

Other positive developments are that Tom, Lisa as well as Emma have completed their respective master’s degrees (or are nearing the finish line…). Considering their work ethic, it is not  a surprise to see them succeed – and I am happy for them. Also, while I have not contributed to their academic success, I am proud that they have (apparently happily) worked at TP&C for quite some time. I will, of course, do my best to retain them, but they have many great opportunities  (including outside of TP)… While I would always hope my enthusiasm for TP is somewhat contagious, I am not so naïve to think it can be permanent. So, we  need to keep being on our toes, as “times they are a-changing”… Wherever the wind will blow, however, I wish all of you guys all the best for your future – even if it may not be with TPC.

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From time to time we are invited to participate in online seminars and conferences - often in collaboration with our business partners. In case the hosts publish the content on YouTube, you can find a a respective link below; 

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