TP&C Workshops

Whether you are organizing a transfer pricing training for your employees, seek information about the latest developments on special transfer pricing issues or whether you are interested in conducting a workshop for optimizing your transfer pricing system, we are happy to provide you with a customized solution. Our workshops offer an attractive alternative and sensible addition to the standardized (one-size-fits-all) training programs you find elsewhere.

Basic Workshop

Our Basic-Workshop provides you with an overview of the following issues:

  • Transfer pricing for entrepreneurs
  • The arm’s length principle
  • Selection of ideal transfer pricing method
  • Transfer pricing documentation
  • Functional and risk analysis and value chain analysis
  • Comparability analysis

Will be happy to adjust the focus of workshop according to your preferences. We offer the basic workshop in the following variants:

2 Hours => 650 € / 4 hours => 1.150€ / 8 hours => 1.900 €

Prices are exclusive of travel costs and expenses for workshop materials (Handouts). You determine the number of participants!

Advanced Workshop  

Our  Advanced- Workshops provide you with the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of special transfer pricing issues. The workshops contain various case studies and the participants are encouraged to actively participate. We offer Advanced-Workshops for the following issues:

  • The profit split method – the new gold-standard in post-BEPS transfer pricing
  • Intangible and valuations – learn about DEMPE and learn to question one-sided valuation methods 
  • Business relocations (transfer of functions) – identifying trigger points and discovering strategies for risk mitigation
  • Profit allocation for permanent establishments – why significant people functions are what matters most
  • Cost allocations and pool agreements - same same but different
  • Intercompany financing – how to implement a standardized and consistent process for setting interest rates
  • Benchmarking for professionals – understanding the key criteria for a high quality of benchmark study.
  • Target margins and year-end adjustments – optimal solutions for routine entities

Naturally, there are overlaps between the various issues and we will be happy to customize our workshop in order to meet your special interests and needs. All issues can be contextualized to your existing transfer pricing system. In preparing for the workshop we will discuss what questions need to be addressed most urgently. We offer the Advanced Workshop in two variants:

4 hours => 1.400€ / 8 hours => 2.400 €

Prices are exclusive of travel costs and expenses for workshop materials (Handouts). You determine the number of participants!

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